Saturday, 22 May 2010

On being a worshipper

I am reading Matt Redmans book 'The Unquenchable Worshipper' and it is a great stimulus to start back at the basics in thinking about worship. Even the chapter headings are a blessing and get you running off down some really interesting avenues...apart from the 'unquenchable worshipper' we meet up with the worshipper as 'undone' , 'undignified' , 'unpredictable' , 'unveiled' , 'unstoppable' , 'unnoticed' , 'undivided' , 'unsatisfied' and 'unending'.
What a great chapter list, not only to get you meditating on worship but also to get you back to the heart of the Word.
Throughout the book Matt throws out lines that you know are going to sustain you as you develop in worship...such as the reminder to 'ensure you keep putting yourself in a place where you are likely to receive revelation'. Without a worshippers heart you don't even know what that sentence means, with a seeking worshippers heart it develops in you a growing appetite for God and His Word and His Spirit.
He looks briefly at 3 ways in which the Spirit and worship can be extinguished in our lives - sobering reading! By the time we get to the unpredictable worshipper you, like me, will I am sure be raring to go....which is great, especially as he quotes G K Chesterton 'sometimes our worship is more of a theory than a love affair'....great stuff, certainly recommended reading. It also shows that easy reading does not need to mean shallow content.