Sunday, 13 June 2010

Getting it wrong by not looking right?

On the day that the declaration of independance was signed in America, King George, back in England, wrote his diary entry: 'nothing of much importance happened today'

How easy it is to fail to recognise the importance or significance of a situation - especially for small minded or selfish people for whom little or nothing exists outside of their limited shpere of interest. How costly has that mistake proved to be time and again through history.
On the day people took to the streets in what became to Russian revolution, the church leaders were meeting to discus the colour of clerical robes
Looking at the world through the wrong lens, the lens of self centeredness, will always cause us to miss, misunderstand, miss out on the significance of what is going on.
Looking at the world through the right lens, the eyes and mind of Christ, will lead us into areas we can hardly begin to imagine, with a significance the selfish mind can never perceive.

In the OT a group from a tribe called Issachar were commended because they 'understood the times and knew what they should do'.

How desperate it is in our villages and towns and cities for Christians to look outside of themselves, to 'look right' and to understand what is happening, the significance of what is happening and how God has equipped us by His spirit to follow Jesus into those situations and to make a 'kingdom' difference.

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