Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bring in the new, throw out the old

I am re-reading the account in 2 Kings 22-23 when, after years of wandering around in some 'spiritual netherland', King Josiah ordered some restoration work to be done in the temple. In the course of doing this work the Book of the Law was found and the impact of this was astounding. Josiah was cut to the heart as he read and realised the extent to which they had strayed from God and had disobeyed him in their lives and as a nation. In the account that follows we see a powerful example of the real life impact the living word can have when let loose in the lives of men and women.
I readily admit that I don't relate easily to the tearing down of various physical altars and shrines and so on, BUT, when I ask what these things point to in my life now, it is a different story. The misguided, disobedient, wilful, selfish and ignorant forces and feelings that were so dominating that nation and its leadership are very real forces at work in my life - and they need to be torn down, removed and subdued if I am to rise with Jesus to the heights He has in mind for me. What I see here in this passage is a fading away of all that is not of God and a magnifying of Him and His work. This is what I pray for my life - that the living word of God would have that continual renewing impact and that it would wage war against the false altars and shrines that I so easily clutter my life with and which so quickly block the truth and light of His presence to me and those around me.

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