Friday, 25 October 2013

Final cry of the prodigal

Darkness trails after me
like a shadow
stalking my every turn
inwardly, trudging through life
though to all the world I dance

Soul weighed down 
by selfish obsession
that too easily masqueraded
as obedient devotion

A man, less purpose
with a heart, less love
a soul, less substance
and a life, less God

The prodigal ....
who just kept on walking
away from the Father,
farther and farther
into the depths of despair
never turning round

And now,
it's not hard 
to understand
how someone so shallow
could just drift effortlessly,
into a distant land

But with one 

Father, are you there?

And quiet as the breeze 
came His reply

Yes, take my hand
Let's walk together
My long found friend