Sunday, 11 May 2014

How much of self?

Had the words of the this old Theodore Monod hymn quoted at WAVC today.
...........It needs no further comment:

O the bitter shame and sorrow 
that a time could ever be, 
when I let the Savior's pity 
plead in vain, and proudly answered: 
All of self, and none of thee! 

Yet he found me: I beheld him 
bleeding on the accursed tree, 
heard him pray: Forgive them, Father; 
and my wistful heart said faintly: 
Some of self and some of thee! 

Day by day his tender mercy, 
healing, helping, full and free: 
sweet and strong, and ah! so patient, 
brought me lower, while I whispered: 
Less of self and more of thee! 

Higher than the highest heaven, 
deeper than the deepest sea; 
Lord, thy love at last hath conquered; 
grant me now my supplication:
None of self and ALL of Thee