Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wind and Clouds

I was reading Jude recently and you know how it is sometimes, when you read the bible and a certain phrase takes on a life that you have not seen before even though you've read it many times? Yep, that happened. What's more the new life breathed into the words doesn't always link with the original intended meaning, but, nonetheless, you find another 'truth'. Yep, that happened.
There is often a lot of talk and prayer and singing along the lines of God appearing 'like the wind' or as a 'mighty rushing wind' as a reference to the Holy Spirit. There is certainly nothing wrong with this and our church is no exception in either its expression or the desire it represents.
However, as I read Jude 1:12,
..."They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; ..."

I saw something else, an all important factor that is sometimes missed in our desire for 'the wind to blow'.

To put a practical edge to this we often, correctly, imply that we will be 'blown' along by the Holy Spirit as clouds are blown along by the wind and in the process will end up being used by God in the places He wants us.

But if what is actually being blown along are 'clouds without water' - no rain, no refreshing, dry and fluffy then they are of little practical use.

Clouds that hold out the promise of something they just can't deliver?

I want to be a cloud that is totally loaded with rain before I am blown anywhere. I want to deliver what is promised. I want to be changed and empowered by the very same wind that blows,..... and then get caught and carried in the current.

For Christians, in terms of 'working out our salvation' the journey is crucial, however, in terms of our having been given a command and the authority to minister, the delivery is all important.
The lives of other people, both now and in eternity, are dependant upon us delivering the goods that God has called, commanded, empowered and sent us to deliver.

I'm all for getting blown along by the Spirit, provided I am also prepared and ready to deliver the goods He's given?

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