Monday, 4 April 2011

The Word of Life

The word of life echoes throughout history, bursts into the now and sounds a clear call, signposting our  eternal destiny. Accompanied each step of the way by the living Word, who spoke something out of nothing,whispered order out of chaos and breathed life into an empty universe.
Dancing through the joys, sorrows and complexities of our existence always surprising us. Producing something wonderful from hats full of nothing , whispering the Word of peace and power that catches chaos unawares and leaves order in His trail. He takes our breath away as He breathes life and wholeness into death and brokenness .This is eternity's eternal song, from the heart of the Father, the words of the Son, carried along like a flood, driven by His breath. 
These waters flow deep and His compelling whisper invites us to swim on the leading wave of His presence, bringing life and peace and healing. 
This is life in all its fullness, this is what He intended with that first living breath, when the dust of the earth began the journey to become the children of the King