Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Are we not doormats?

It's ages since I have been moved to blog ( that sounds vaguely medical and quite unpleasant!).... Anyway, I was at housegroup last night and, as always, we spent quite a bit of time off piste ( but that's usually a good place to be) and I was struck by the 'fact' that there are implications to certain areas of Jesus teaching about which many, perhaps even most,good, 'bible believing' Christians are in denial. There is a phrase that is often used following an episode in which a Christian who should have turned the other cheek, didn't, who should have swallowed their pride, but didn't, who should have given the cloak as well, but didn't .... And the phrase is 'Well we aren't called to be doormats!'
And yet by any normal reading of the requirements of Jesus teaching it does look as though, in many circumstances, that this is precisely what we are called to be, at least from the perception of the world. The humble spirit that will lose the argument to win the soul,the person dealing with the antagonistic family member who will back down and swallow pride rather than prove an unnecessary point, the heart that will not only go the extra mile for an enemy ( an enemy note) but will do so while genuinely wishing that enemy to be blessed not cursed, a sheep that Wilkins be silent whilst being lead to the slaughter, prefering to trust in God. These are all pretty 'doormat like' traits to anybody looking in.

There are of course times when we are called to take a firm stand, to exert some significant 'authority' and turn over some tables. However these are always standing up for the honour or rights of others or a righteous anger when injustice is perpetrated against the weak or helpless.
There is a scripture which begins 'We are to become like like Christ Jesus'
A doormat when it comes to our own pride, petty point scoring and rights, but a warrior when it comes to standing up to injustice the honour of our God and 'defending' the faith. How often are we warriors in our own defense and silent and doormats in the face of injustice and the suffering of others? Just a thought I had during an off piste excursion at housegroup.

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