Sunday, 30 October 2011

Worship Central J John on perspective

After totally brilliant time of worship with Tim Hughes, J John about to start.......

No apologies for what follows - tried to keep up but that takes some doing with J John, so here goes....

Some people have so many irons in the fire that they have put the fire out.....

We need to use the 'f' word far more often ----- forgiveness

We need to have a bigger perspective,

3 key areas for Christians:

Look up - worship Look in - wellbeing Look out - witness

A worship leader would be given the same advice by Paul as he gave Timothy: ' do the work of an evangelist' (don't stop leading the church, just do it as an evangelist!).

A missionary isn't someone who crosses the sea, they are people who see the cross...

Circumstances are like a matress- when you're on top its comfortable, when you're underneath you suffocate.

2 attitudes to Goliath - he's too big, lets run away, or he's too big, how can I miss.

A Koi Carp, if kept in a fish bowl will only grow to a couple of inches, if in a fish pond then 12 or more inches, if in a lake then 42 inches. The Koi is restricted by it surroundings but it always has the potential to be 42 inches....We can be just like that in our lives and circumstances.

We restrict our vision and our potential..... becauses often we choose to stay in the fishbowl.

We can worship God, preach about Him, tell others to follow Him.....them we worry and get anxious about circumstances.......and that is because we too easily 'envisage' the future without God. We forget the very words we spend so much time singing and speaking.

Christians must be connected to Christ. If you remove Christ from christian you're left with 'ian' - and he isn't going to help you!

Where is Christ in your car? in the boot? in the back seat? a passenger in the front seat? or is He in the driving seat?

For all those of us who think Jesus is in the driving seat - are we a back seat driver?

What do we do when He drives us down a road we aren't comfortable with? The road of forgiveness (I don't want to forgive him/her) The road of generosity The road of self sacrifice

The christian life is about 2 things:

1. holiness
2. humility

And a worship leader should help the church to bow down.