Saturday, 29 October 2011

New song same Spirit

Worship Central Sat 29th

These are my unedited notes and thoughts on the morning session (which was great)

New Sound, same Spirit

How do we introduce 'new sounds' and creativity into worship, but not forcing anything, not creating an artificial atmosphere, not manipulating ministry?

Principles : not about this or that genre but - how can we/do we firstly embrace the 'messiness' of the Spirit then be led into His presence in the 'mess' not in spite of it?

Ps 98 - sing to the Lord a new song See also v 4-6

How do we both lead, as called , but so step aside that the Spirit is not bound by our ideas of how things 'should' be?

Question: Have we 'evolved' away from leaving space for the Holy Spirit to work - AND - do people know what to do in that 'space'?

Response: What leader is finding is that we need to do some very basic teaching (cat sat on the mat level) -similarly there is a very basic level of teaching needed regarding how the Holy Spirit ministers ( not just new people, but those from a more traditional background)

We must have honesty and integrity and authenticity in the church - not forgetting who and what this is about - this is not just 'mouth' honesty - but 'action' honesty.

How we act and speak when NOT up in our leadership role is the key to determining if there is true honesty and authenticity. Ie what is our attitude towards those who are not with us or who disagree with us - and not what we say or don't say, but what is in our heart.

This is all about encounter,not just the leaders encountering, but serving the church in such away that, through the worship and the way it is led, the church encounters Jesus.

How to 'ensure' that our 'different' thinking is of the Spirit and not just us - what checks and balances do we put in place ( spiritually & relationally).

Desire to do something epic for God! We don't have formulas for this, but there are principles.

Never overestimate what can be achieved in 2 weeks but don't underestimate what can be achieved in 2 years.

There is a relationship between the power of the Spirit and the way worship happens. This is both making what we do more beautiful AND transforming with new sounds.

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